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There’s an always a first time in everything, and without the proper knowledge you end up making simple mistakes that could have been easily avoided. The same way, having a successful time with a female escort in Kolkata requires some skills.

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Although they offer similar services basically, call girls, companions or escorts in Kolkata can be discerned as somewhat very different from prostitutes. Escort agencies generally limit their employees to attractive, charming women without noticeable drug problems.

There are several independent Kolkata Female Escorts but they also fall under the same description. The men who go for escorts and especially independent escorts in Kolkata also have a tendency of being far more sensitive clients.

Men who hire female escorts do so for authentic escorting services like drinks or dinner. However, they at times hire them for sexual services. Below are some guidelines on what not do when you have an escort in Kolkata.

  1. Don’t dig deep into your escort’s personal life.

Escorts are paid to keep you company and are therefore expected to be as polite as they can. It’s inappropriate to ask them personal questions unless they are willing to share it. One of the questions you should never ask your escort in Kolkata is whether her family knows the kind of job she does.

They are there to entertain you and not to discuss their family. Another question is about their relationship status. Some female escorts have boyfriends while others don’t but most of them like keeping it personal.

  1. Don’t ask them their real identity or about their daily earnings.

What matters most is that you needed an independent female escort and she came. So the question of how many clients she sees in a day should never arise in your conversation.

Most escorts in Kolkata have a pseudonym and work under a special name to their genuine name. You might find yourself asking this question if you are new in this. This, however, will be crossing your limits.

Never ask your escort to see you for free or request to be their first client.

You might familiarize with your independent escort. You have fun and spend time together, always keep in mind that she’s doing all that for money.

Asking your Independent Female Escort to have you as their first client might sound very innocent. However, this might sometimes send the wrong signal. It might sound as if you are jealous and can’t stand the thought of her being with someone else.

  1. Never question them about their ratings.

Even if not going through an agency, all female Escorts in Kolkata have their ratings well stipulated on their website. Therefore it’s always wise to go through it to know whether she fits your choice before contacting her.

It’s also wise to understand that all escorts have accounts in the social media, be it Instagram, Twitter or Snapshot. They put their photos there. So instead of asking for a private photo, just make an effort and visit those platforms.

With those few but important guidelines, I am certain that your stay in Kolkata and the time spent with your independent female escort will be full of fun. Escorts in Kolkata are the best companions you can ever have.

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